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Flood water damage restoration in Adelaide

If you’ve just experienced flood damage in Adelaide, there’s not need to panic because Adelaide Dynamic Cleaning Services deliver a 24/7 emergency service. When emergency strikes, call our reliable team for a fast and efficient service. Upon receiving your call for help, our professional team of technicians rushes to your property in record time. Using up-to-date drying and water extraction equipment, they work quickly to ensure dangerous mould and bacteria is eradicated.

The most common causes of flood damage:

During our time in the industry, we have observed that roof leaks, storm water flooding, plumbing leakage and washing machine overflow and leakage, are the most common causes of interior water damage. When you experience any type of flood damage to your Adelaide home, it’s important you get a professional to clean the area as soon as possible. Failure to do so can cause result in permanent damage to your interior and a range of different problems. Water can easily spread and will begin to affect adjoining rooms, if not taking care of. This is why our technicians not only evaluate the areas affected by flooding, but all areas to ensure water has not begun to penetrate surrounding areas. If left to dry by itself, dangerous mould and bacteria can grow in carpets, causing health risks.

Furthermore, when left untreated, carpets saturated by water can begin to swell. This makes rapid drying vital to ensure the material is restored back to normal, before it’s too late. At Adelaide Dynamic Cleaning Services, we utilise a range of high tech equipment to ensure flood damage is taken care of properly. With the help of moisture testing metres, air movers, dehumidifiers and powerful extraction equipment, our professional technicians eradicate mould and bacteria, leaving your carpets looking and feeling as good as new again

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